Sanjay Dutt says Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera is ‘made for the masses’: ‘This was somewhere forgotten in Bollywood’


Sanjay Dutt’s Daroga Shuddh Singh and Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera and Balli are pitted against each other in Karan Malhotra’s Shamshera, releasing on July 22.Actor Sanjay Dutt is excited to portray the antagonist, Daroga Shuddh Singh, in Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera, directed by filmmaker Karan Malhotra. This is his second outing with Malhotra; the two collaborated together on Agneepath (2012) where he played the ruthless Kaancha Cheena.

In this interview with, Dutt talks about what still excites his as an actor after being an integral part of the Hindi film industry for over four decades, the advice his father Sunil Dutt gave him and why he thinks Ranbir Kapoor can pull off a dacoit as well as a lover boy with equal ease.On being asked what excites him to do films even after being in the same profession for 41 years, he said, “Films motivate me to do films, I get excited to be a part of this industry. My father once told me that every actor has a child in him, so even if I am ageing, I don’t think I am growing old in my heart.”

When he was further asked if he has learnt any tough lesson in his long Bollywood journey, he said, ‘My life has been hard, that’s all I can say.”Sanjay said he is excited for Shamshera as it is made for the masses. He said, “Shamshera is an amazing film, most commercial film I have come across in recent times, it is made for the masses. This is kind of work I’ve done all my life, but it got somewhere forgotten in Bollywood. I am glad that we have people like Karan (Malhotra) and few more directors who believe in that kind of cinema, who don’t forget or disconnect themselves from places like UP, Bihar, Jharkhand and all those belts. We should not forget that that is our audience, the main audience. So this is exciting for me, and I get happiness working on such films.”Shamshera will be Ranbir’s out and out masala film as the actor has largely been associated with urban, coming-of-age films. and Sanjay is looking forward for this change in Kapoor’s acting graph and wants him to explore this facet further, “I am so happy that Ranbir is doing this film, this role, and for it, he has not left his other kind of work behind. When I was an action star, I did a Sajan and Jodi No. 1 also. So he has not left himself behind and transformed; he can always play his kind of roles. I do not say it only due to my love for Ranbir but because I see him as an actor who can do everything possible — he can carry Shamshera, he can do comedy, he can be a lover boy, he can be a college kid.”Talking about his connect with the actor, Sanjay added, “Ranbir is a very clean soul, he is an honest kid and very dedicated, he respects everyone with such genuineness. He comes from a legendary family, his values and emotions are at the peak, and you know these things count a lot in life. He is a brilliant actor, all I tell him is ‘you got to explore’, as the more you explore in this world of cinema, the greater heights you touch. That has been my experience,” Sanjay concluded

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